AAF CLOTH MAP – ASIATIC SERIES / AAF CLOTH CHART / PHILIPPINE SERIES – China, Canton, Taiwan, Philippines, Luzon island, Manila


Southeast China, Luzon Island

Origin : 1944

Dimensions: 50 x 65 cm

Each side on the scarf displays a different territory. Finishings (tags and satin stitches)  are handcrafted by a French workshop that respects a tradition of artisanal savoir-faire excellence under the label EPV (Living Heritage Company).

This original escape scarf comes from a US Air Force “deadstock’’. It was produced in 1944 which explains why it might present a few imperfections, you can see on the pictures brown spots.

Bonhomme has brought particular care to the presentation of this unique and rare model that dates back to the Second World War, and that is steeped in history.

Dry cleaning recommended to retain the scarf’s original colours.

100% rayon.

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