The perfect travel companion for your beautiful escapes

The “Bonhomme” tote bag stems from our collaboration with French high-end leather bag brand BLEU DE CHAUFFE. This beautiful tote is bound to inspire your desire to travel. The two-sided reversible bag is an allusion to the main function of escape scarves… The first blue cotton canvas side of the bag has a classic and discreet look to it. On the inside you discover a second hidden side made of an escape scarf that reveals an authentic vintage map of the 1960s in rayon, superb and timeless.

Each “Bonhomme” tote is unique, has its very own number and date, and is signed by the artisan that crafted the bag.

BLEU DE CHAUFFE X BONHOMME Collaboration:  Local and Artisanal French Savoir-Faire Meets the Escape Scarf

BLEU DE CHAUFFE and BONHOMME are two French brands that share the same passion for authenticity. Each of the two brands, in their own way, have a particular and unique creative universe inspired by a rich historical background.

BONHOMME offers limited editions of rayon « escape » scarves, created by the British army during WW2. The authentic vintage scarves display printed maps of various regions of the world. At the time of war their function was to inform the British soldiers on their geographic position thanks to a map that was resistant, easy to conceal while at the same time capable of being unfolded in the most secret way.

Initially the escape scarves were made of silk. As wartime led silk supply to be challenging, rapidly the scarves were made out of rayon.

BLEU DE CHAUFFE is the story of a brand that decided to divert the purpose of traditional craft bags by bringing them up to date and making them utterly fashionable. The high-end brand’s bags are simple and display the purest and refined cuts; they age extremely well thanks to their high‑quality materials and solid craftsmanship. True to its roots and inspirations, BLEU DE CHAUFFE manufactures all of its bags in France. Each bag displays a date and the signature of the artisan that crafted it.

50 cm x 50 cm

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