Escape Top


Top in Cold War escape map print.

100% rayon
Fastening by fabric snaps
Italian silk lining

MAZARINE and BONHOMME first collaborated during the spring/summer season of 2018. Their collaboration on the Wild Blue Yonder collection tells the story of female explorers who set out on adventures in hot air balloons, guided by vintage maps to discover distant lands.

The maps they used were actually escape maps from WW2 and the Cold War that been created by the British army to provide pilots during missions with the means to escape if needed. Having fallen into oblivion after the war, but fortunately the escape scarves were rediscovered and collected by Bonhomme.

BONHOMME and MAZARINE have collaborated to bring you a collection of light camisoles and slit skirts that can be worn everywhere the wind will carry you.

BONHOMME’s inspiration stems from a collection of drawings by Emmanuel Alphonse Bonhomme that has been passed down from generation to generation since 1879. MAZARINE’s inspiration buds from unknown times, imaginary places, ancient books such as those held by the oldest French Library Librairie Mazarine (Paris). The articles of this MAZARINE X BONHOMME collaboration were featured during the Paris MAZARINE fashion show last September. Since then, chic savvy explorers fly towards the sun and navigate the distant blue skies…without getting lost.

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